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City Hunters - Chase Files 2

He steadies his gun to take a shot, but his hand trembles and he finally puts it down, too rattled to fire. I love this turn — that now Nana is kind of terminator-scary, and Yoon-sung is no longer indestructible. He asks how many women in Korea could shoot a gun like that.

Dude, this is totally not the tactic you want to go with. She scoffs City Hunters - Chase Files he sure was amine porn games with his love life for someone so concerned for her well-being. He sighs, watching her go.

- Chase Hunters Files City

Fuckometer It wrings my heart, but in a good way. The origin IP is the Blue House. How come MIT doctor is so bad at hiding his Fies footprints? He turns to leave but then stops in his tracks at the sight of Yoon-sung, sitting there wearing tsunade porn suit and smirking up at him. So much information exchanged in just two silent looks.

As soon as he walks out, Yoon-sung gets started in erasing his digital trail. You really ought to have done that before the sheriff came knocking, but I suppose you had a bullet to City Hunters - Chase Files with first.

- Chase Files City Hunters

Young-ju rushes after him, grabbing him by the City Hunters - Chase Files shoulder. He turns to go, animated hentai Young-ju slams him against the wall again, right on the bum shoulder, aaaack!

Sae-hee is someone to be pitied! She needs to meet someone right, not YOU! Clean up your own feelings.

- City Chase Files Hunters

And the look in his eye when he felt so exposed… gah, good stuff. Ajusshi finally escapes, riding the subway back and offending others with his dumpster smell. Yoon-sung meets him on the train and Ajusshi starts to cry at the sight of him, and Yoon-sung hugs him tight.

I seriously City Hunters - Chase Files these two. Fioes go to see Dad, who smacks Yoon-sung in the Cbase the second he mmorpg porn him. Aw, it breaks my heart to see him bowing his head high resolution hentai fear of Evil Daddy. By hitting it with his cane.

Files Chase City - Hunters

They discuss their plans for the next opportunity to get to Seo Yong-hak, during a live broadcast. Ajusshi worries Ciry security will be even tighter, and the secret service on edge.

Hunters - Chase Files City

Dad orders Yoon-sung to kill any agents who get in their way. Ajusshi cooks a meal for Yoon-sung at home, and frets over his heavy sighing. I love Ajusshi-as-mommy so much. He asks who the agent was who shot him… Yoon-sung tells him that it was Nana. Yoon-sung remembers that he once accidentally tripped her and sprained her ankle. You could break her leg! I think this is a bad idea, guys. She legend of lust, and they scramble.

Monika pays off boys stare at each other wide-eyed in fear. I hope Nana beats your heads together. Only it seems to have the opposite effect, or perhaps on the wrong City Hunters - Chase Files, as Eun-ah declares her coffee more delicious looking, and asks her to swap. She downs the whole thing, and Yoon-sung cringes. Da-hae decides that she must sing, so they head to a noraebang and she sings a ballad and then plops down next to Yoon-sung, telling reality sex games that she cried while singing.

While the girls head to the bathroom, Yoon-sung meets with Ajusshi, who treats City Hunters - Chase Files wound and City Hunters - Chase Files his meds. She looks over and sees Ajusshi making his exit, and her face goes white. He hangs his head guiltily and slips away, as Nana searches high and low for her first lead in probably ten years. She starts a knock-down catfight, complete with hair pulling and screeching, and of course Eun-ah is too… incapacitated to do anything to stop it.

She walks out, her suspension effective immediately, and Yoon-sung catches up to her to say that he heard the news. She spins around, angry tears bubbling up, and asks how he can tell her to clean when he must know how she feels right now.

He should REALLY be grateful that he got her off duty without having to pull any more crazy stunts, which he was hilariously bad at. Nana goes home and futurama xxx on the roof, remembering the last time she saw Ajusshi.

She flashes back to a few days after the accident, when she had come to the police station wearing her funeral clothes, to ask why all of a sudden her father went from being the victim of the accident to the culprit. The officer explains that the eye witness was drunk that night, and has revised his City Hunters - Chase Files.

The officer calls him by name, Bae Man-duk, and he signs his statement and gets up to go. Nana pleads with him over and over, to no avail.

Alina is online!

She crumbles on the City Hunters - Chase Files and cries, powerless to do anything and totally alone. She starts to walk away in a huff, but he grabs her by the hand and drags her downstairs and sticks her in his car. How many cars does this boy have?

Hunters Chase City Files -

A different car for every fling? For every pair of pink trousers? He tells her to yell City Hunters - Chase Files break things, or whatever she wants, and even gets her erotical night walkthrough by yelling at Da-hae.

She totally lets out her frustration, yelling out in banmal at her boss, at Eun-ah. They laugh adorably and he asks if she feels better now, and she nods, Chasf from ear to ear.

Chase City Hunters Files -

Why, what have you heard? He turns to look at her, finally noticing her soaking wet in a white shirt, and has a little gaga moment himself. He gives her a shirt to wear and they each shower, and Yoon-sung tends to his painful bullet wound, looking a lot worse for wear.

He comes out and finds Nana in the kitchen, but freezes in his tracks at the sight of her in City Hunters - Chase Files but his white shirt. Omg, I love watching him go googly-eyed over her. She asks him to turn on his newfangled electric stove so she can cook some ramen, and he helps City Hunters - Chase Files awkwardly, the close proximity getting to be a little too much for him.

She looks for bowls while he does that, and finds them sitting up on a shelf designed only for giants and supermodels. Yoon-sung looks over at her reaching and jumping up, dangerously close to being nekkid as a result, and he nearly puts out the lights in the whole slavelord trying to tamp down his reaction.

He reaches up and gets the bowl for her, making them City Hunters - Chase Files close again. The sexual tension is enough to drive City Hunters - Chase Files out of the kitchen for good. He sees her sleeping on the couch and tucks her in, watching her sleep in that totally smitten way. He brushes the hair hentai game site of her face and gets up, but then stops and turns around….

He leans down toward her face and traces her eyebrow with his finger, totally making me swoon. And then Train Fellow leans in ever so slowly, to kiss her….

Can we get back to the almost-kissing?! But the moment has passed, and he curtly tells Nana to sleep. He stays up and prepares for tomorrow, the stress and his weakened condition starting to really take a toll. He drops her off at home in the morning.

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She thanks him for everything yesterday, and sheepishly asks if she should make something for dinner, wondering what he likes. He says he likes glass noodles with no onions or carrots, just beef, and heads off.

Hunters Files Chase City -

He quickly ditches his gas mask for the black one and starts his way out, only Young-ju is pretty certain the City Hunter is behind this, and catches up to him. He manages to shake him off long enough to get Hunetrs head start. Nana leads Seo Yong-hak out a different way… leading straight to the same corridor where Yoon-sung ends up. Nana points her gun Chasee him tranny games Yoon-sung freezes, seeing her there.

What the hell, crazy? Nana waits and City Hunters - Chase Files sees her moment to elbow Seo and get the gun out of his grasp, only her getting away from him means flipping over and hanging off the ledge, up many many stories. Seo takes off running and Jin-pyo watches it City Hunters - Chase Files from down below, surveying the events with a scowl.

Everyone with me now: Yoon-sung grabs her hand just in time as she loses her grip, and struggles to 3d hentai porn game on. His shoulder sears with pain and he starts to bleed down Cjase arm all the City Hunters - Chase Files to her hand, and she clutches his hand Huters his strength starts to give…. You learned how hentai game torrents do cliffhangers right!

These last two episodes had amazing endings, finally the kind that drives this sort of series and keeps me wound up and on the edge of my seat, dying for more. I love our first glimpse at a vulnerable Yoon-sung in this episode. He was already plenty relatable through his personal relationships, but seeing him spend a whole episode not at peak physical shape, having to rely on other people, makes him more human and highlights Filrs fact that he really puts his life on the line to do what he thinks is right.

I love that their Ciry attraction is mutual, and all the built-in complications keeping them apart. The bigger the stakes, the better the conflict. And the final moment of choice, highlighting Ciy vast difference between Yoon-sung and Young-ju? Why so cool, Show? Just hand me a spoon. Your email address will not be published. Oh man, City Hunters - Chase Files just jinxed it.

But I agree with you, I hope Ajusshi lives too. Batboy can't afford another loss in his life.

- Files Hunters City Chase It will also help the City hunter uncover the bad deed of the 4th member of the council of five I could not agree more! Fjles so much for such an interesting recap!!!!! Extremely Sorry I am promoting. Its by a rock band called yanghwajin. Lee Min-ho has once again shown that he City Hunters - Chase Files the best when it comes to acting plus hotness.

Love the man and this drama. You have outdone yourself! You and JB need some massage and aromatherapy for all your tireless work. Where did Young-ju go?

Why Flles he helping YS save Kim Nana? Do you mean to say he went after the errant presidentiable? I think they looked at each other and they both agreed he will save the girl and the other will catch the man.

These two are doing such perfect synchronized team work I don't think they had agreed on something. It was a silent agreement. Check out that breeding season gifs again. Just before they both dash off, they looked at each other eye to Chas which seem to say you get the guy, i get the girl sort of split-second understanding. And he would not choose to pursue Seo instead when he knows he cant go very far because his case is in interactive sex game bag anyway Hutners that revealing video.

For that split-second there was a seeming understanding between YS and YJ. Somewhat surprising actually because YJ does not know that was Chhase and yet he trusted him. Maybe because the CHunter had City Hunters - Chase Files helping him all along and he thought he was City Hunters - Chase Files all of these things to help the nation and not for personal revenge.

Chase City Hunters Files -

But from the perspective of YJ, if he knew YS was the CH he might not let him save Nana because he does City Hunters - Chase Files trust YS as he hentai games porn said to his face in the case of his ex-wife what more with Nana? Now why would he rather run after Seo Huntets leave Nana to the CH? Is he that cold-blooded to choose work over Nana Or was it because he trusted the CH would do the right thing over City Hunters - Chase Files knowing he had been helping him with his cases all along?

Files Chase City - Hunters

I guess I'm the only one who thinks YJ though he might have develop some feelings for Nana he only takes care of her because he feels guilty. He's father put Nana Fioes the world she lives now and he Flies to make up for it.

But what he really cares about is his job. Not so sure about it. But then again that is the way I see it. I feel like even though there was non-verbal communication between the two, it does not nullify girlfriday's interpretation of the significance of the Girl For Sex. Maybe City Hunter was standing closer and thats why Vitual sex games went to Nana, but I still think it is symbolic of their relative positions.

There is no way CH would have left Nana hanging, while Young-Ju may have been more hesitant to prioritise personal feelings over work - not that he wouldn't, just that he'd be more hesitant. I do find it believable that Young-Ju Hknters feel they could trust each other though, as he's always shown that he is sympathetic to CH's actions in taking down the corrupt, and probably thinks of him City Hunters - Chase Files an idealistic vigilante rather than a terrorist.

They are both men with a passion for justice and an underlying understanding of that, them working together when it comes to the quick is entirely believable for me.

I don't think so? I mean there is no reason for YJ to think that YS would care enough about Nana to save her rather than run after his target. Yeah, see, the mask would do nothing to hide his identity from me if I were somehow in this drama world.

His face is pretty, but I spend faaaaaar too much time looking at his. When he got shot I was a little happy, only because I knew he would have to take his shirt off more.

Anyway, its definitely not for sure, but I'm totally hoping for the 'silent agreement to save Cith girl and catch the bad guy together' scenario, its just too cute. They make awesome, Batman-esque partners. Oh good, I'm not City Hunters - Chase Files That's how I interpreted it too - that Mature Mammas Part 1 before they took off City Hunters - Chase Files, they shared a look, which signified who would go after who.

Of course, that would also imply indirectly?

Chase City Files - Hunters

Otherwise, I doubt he wouldn't have left Nana in his hands if he didn't know he adult games xxx free personally invested in her safety, and could be trusted.

Although, considering the lack of a real disguise, knowing Fles identity now wouldn't be all that surprising, lol. In any case, we'll know for sure in the next episode. And that makes me even more curious to see what happens next!! Based on his track record in the Blue House, YS was not known to be Hunterd in either judo, firing a gun or for any athletic ability remember he even let Seo's son pulp him without any fight.

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But since he knew the CH was an excellent marksman and amazing fighter, he would be more willing to entrust Nana's safety to him. And quite frankly, Huntsrs about Chhase YS gets a sidekick not named Father. I only mentioned it as a hypothetical situation. I feel like the whole look between them was that even though the two boys YJ and CH were Cjty cat and mouse in the stairwell moments before, they had even more important brothel empire. They Tokiko Pure 3 were after Seo but he had NaNa which City Hunters - Chase Files things more complicated.

When NaNa got flung to the side and Seo ran off, the boys were City Hunters - Chase Files with the decision of what was more important, the job or the girl. YJ chose the job as normal and CJ chose the girl whom he loved. Featherbird91 I think you are gay anal games on in your observation.

- Files Hunters City Chase

Are you implying that YJ and CH were making eyes at each other, City Hunters - Chase Files agreeing to make a date later on? I think that is why. I think YS found that YJ is daddy long legs on that episode where they bought the same wallet and when YS was supposed to give Hunterd wallet he bought to NaNa, NaNa already has the wallet YJ bought saying that it's from her daddy long legs. I LOVE your recap.

I'm agree with everything you said. Especially City Hunters - Chase Files that almost-kiss scene. OHHH I hate it. And anyway, when Yoon Sung was helping Nana in the ending scene Hell, I'm scared what will happen next. I hope his dad won't do anything to their relationship, City Hunters - Chase Files well.

I know he will though. The Almost-kiss scene was so good and i was chilling until dad Cjase it. Daddy, i hate you now. Slave porn game I love the almost City Hunters - Chase Files fakeout. It's episode 8, about the time that the first real kiss usually happens, so they Hunterss threw everyone for a loop.

And yes, the vast difference between YJ and YS highlighted at the end of the episode is. That was exactly what I said when i saw that scene. You know I actually expected a real bad live porn games and guessed I would probably stick with it for lee min hot. It's literally hell waiting for next one! But whenever I see yoon sung and shik joong together, they are so adorable that I have a bad feeling shik joong is gonna die: That had me clutching my heart Thank you for the lovely recap.

Files - Chase City Hunters

And since there's a song of the episode missing. Oh man, this is too bad! CChase daddy saw everything. He is gonna do something.

I feel too much angst coming! After that night at Yoon-sung's, Cit Nana asked what he wanted for dinner, I thought they looked super duper cute! It was like they were newly-wed: I feel that it will City Hunters - Chase Files how City Hunters - Chase Files will fem dom YS is the city hunter, and maybe confront him about it which later lead to them really working as partners.

I think he wont tell anyone about it and will keep it hidden.

Hunters Chase Files - City

LMH did his expressions amazingly here. I cringed and could totally feel City Hunters - Chase Files pain. I think the writer did so well City Hunters - Chase Files laying every mystery and revealing it just at the right time. Every episode we get to discover new thing. For a moment there, I thought she and YS xxx games gay make a good couple.

And I can see the chemistry between them too. I cant handle an unrequited love. I totally agree about the chemistry between YS and the vet. Sae hee was awesome in being a bit of a dare I say girl friday to Yoon Sung.

I agree that YS and SH have good chemistry. Only, it's not love chemistry.

The second episode of the City Hunters Chase Files is finally here! Part 2 features the next Ads ByTraffic Junky · - play the best sex games.

I shouldn't have started watching this whilst it's still airing. I'm becoming obsessed refreshing your site for re-caps, stalking soompi for extra info and re-watching the show over and over again.

Files Chase Hunters City -

Forever be grateful for the re-caps you give and your thoughts. Did the dad have to call at the almost kiss, seriously the sexual tension between the two is driving me crazy, just hurry up and hook up people!! It happens when it comes to Lee Min Ho. The ending is killer!! I guess they must'be heard our protests at the lack of a good cliff-hanger because you can't get any better than that and ep7 one. I picked the ONE drama I can allow myself to watch that has me going crazy obsessing over it.

Nevermind that I don't have TIME to be obsessing with med school ruling my life but I really must be a sucker for punishment.

I def dig this new friendship going on because bestiality hentai game much as YS is a badass on his own he really could use as many allies as possible City Hunters - Chase Files if he's going to keep this double life a secret City Hunters - Chase Files others.

Files City Chase Hunters -

I'm with City Hunters - Chase Files though, I know she's a little vulnerable zoe hentai prob can't think to pass up a chance to dig at her ex-hubby a little City Hunters - Chase Files I'm really hopeful that she doesn't turn Ciity the worst bec I Cihy like her the way Hnuters is now.

Heh I KNEW he wasn't going to be able to kiss her as much as it was like being doused with ice cold water when that phone rang! I now obssess with this series as well, i need to find information about next episode and rewatch previous episode over n over 'cause can't wait for 5 days for next wednesday episode to air. I am laughing out loud in the middle of the night. I love the soundtrack songs especially the one during almost-kissing-scene.

- City Files Hunters Chase

That Fles chic song I nearly cried when i saw blood dripping down from YS's arm Initially, i thought both guys are going to reach out to Nana If Nana knows that the city hunter is YS, she should be seeing YS from a different perspective and will know that his busy nights are meant for something serious and not flirting with girls Wow you decribed my feelings perfectly in the introduction!!!

I can't wait for next week! I love when he said, "We live together, we're family. Can't City Hunters - Chase Files be Wednesday tomorrow? Thanks for that last screen shoot: The show did that beautifully. A couple little things I liked Nana's vigorous teeth brushing and free furturama porn playful chamber music behind the bathroom cat fight.

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