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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Local Fitness Classes in Your Community
There are two types of individuals: those who enjoy going to the gym, and those who don’t. Many people get a thrill out of lifting weights or running on a treadmill, but others would prefer to exercise in a more relaxed environment. Some feel that going to the gym subjects them to the judgements of others, and this often plays a significant role in why some individuals do not get the exercise they need or want. Luckily, there are a number of fun, social, and unique alternatives to going to the gym that are better suited to those who wish to tone themselves in a less rigid environment. Not only do these alternatives offer out-of-the-box ways to get in shape, but can also lead to lifelong friendships with others in the community.
1.    Get In Shape while Having Fun
Many of the local exercise classes you may see advertised at your community recreational center or gym are centered around the idea that working out should be fun, and not just for those who enjoy lifting weights. Programs such as Zumba and Jazzercise are not only meant to help you get toned, but to let you have fun while you’re doing it. Not everyone enjoy the same types of exercise, and these classes are fun alternatives to more traditional methods of getting in shape.

2.    Meet New Friends
A major part of what makes local fitness classes so fun is the opportunities they provide to create new friendships. For working adults, it can be difficult to make new friends, particularly for those who do not wish to frequent bars or other typical social scenes. By attending a local fitness classes, you can make new friends in your own community with similar interests to your own. In fact, many people attend local fitness classes for this reason alone, as they are interested in meeting others who share their passion for healthy living. It’s not difficult to make friends at the classes either, as most attendants and teachers are very outgoing, and are interested in pursuing friendships as well.

3.    Effectively Lose Unwanted Weight
For someone looking to lose unwanted weight, going to gym can be more confusing than beneficial. Workouts for building muscle and workouts for losing weight differ greatly, and those who are unsure of which workouts are right for them could attend the gym for weeks and see the wrong results. In contrast, most local fitness classes focus mainly on toning up in general, rather than body-building of any kind, making them a great resource for those looking to lose weight. In addition, the classes can help those who have trouble staying motivated stay on the right track, as the instructors are trained to motivate their students to the very best of their ability, helping them see better results throughout the course of the class.

4.    Judgement-Free Exercise
Working out can be very stressful in general, and it can become even more stressful when you feel like someone is judging you or your body the entire time. This is a common issue at gyms, where new gym-goers feel uncomfortable because they are unsure of what workouts to do, and those looking to lose weight often feel self-conscious about their body when they working out at a gym. Local fitness classes are an excellent alternative to anyone who may feel this way when they work out at a gym, as the classes are typically as non-judgmental as possible. The teachers are incredibly patient with each of their students, and they do an excellent job of deterring any feelings of judgement within the classroom. Chances are, most of you in the class are at around the same skill level, meaning that no one should be so far ahead of the others that they feel judged as a result. Because of this, these classes serve as a type of even playing field, where no one has the advantage over the other, allowing for everyone to feel included.

5.    Get to Know Your Community Members
Because local fitness classes typically take place at community recreational centers, they are often full of key members from the community, such as teachers, business owners, or law enforcement. Because of this, these classes are one of the best ways for you to get involved with the rest of your community. For example, you could meet one of your child’s teachers face-to-face, and get to know them better over the course of a Zumba or Yoga class. You could also get to know a local business owner, which could later mean the difference between securing a job at their establishment or not. The possibilities are endless, and getting involved with your community will provide you and your family with many exciting opportunities in the future, as well as many lifelong friendships.

While going to the gym is an excellent option for some, it’s understandable why others may feel uncomfortable exercising in a room with dozens of other people. Fortunately, there are endless opportunities for local fitness classes which are often much more exciting that the gym, and far more fun as well.

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